Dogs on Grooming Table - Dog Grooming Services in Greenwich, CT

Dog Grooming Services in Greenwich, CT

Professional Dog Grooming offers full-service grooming for dogs of any breed, size, age, or coat type. As professional groomers, we'll groom your pet to breed standards or adapt our process to your special requests or needs. We provide both dog nail grinding and cutting services based on your dog's needs and comfort level; nail grinding can get nails shorter and provide a smoother finish. Our dog grooming services include:
  • Dog grooming: shaving, trimming and brushing
  • Dog bathing: gentle cleaning of the skin and coat
  • Dog nail cutting and grinding: pedicures for healthy nails
Please speak to our staff to learn about pricing for our services or to schedule an appointment for your dog. We're eager to meet you and your dog and to earn your business and your trust.